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Dear Author,

I'm pretty new to the Bruins so I don't know a whole lot about these pairs. Please consider this your permission slip to just go wild!

So in general I like:

I like modern fantasy and near sci-fi. I also like straight up space aus (firefly, star trek, your own universe). I like dystopias and post-apocalypse stories. I like soulmates, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, fake dating, hate to love you, the usual romantic comedy sort of tropes. I like plot over porn most of the time. I like first times, I like virgin fics and loss of virginity as a central focus (however you think the character would define virginity-it can be a fuzzy concept)

and I dislike:

I don’t have any very strong dislikes, but I’m not a big fan of bodily fluids going in mouths (I mean it’s cool if X swallows after a bj, I don’t mind that, but I don’t really enjoy something like drinking cum out of a cup), on that subject I’m not a huge fan of pwp, but I do like porn as an exploration of character or relationships. In general I’d prefer you to avoid deathfic, non-con, infidelity, you know the usual stuff (though this up for negotiation if your story wants to take you there).

So the specifics...well I don't really know a lot about them so the specifics are kind of broad.

Bergeron/Marchand: opposites attract, hockey soulmates, best friends on and off the ice, please tell me how Marchand keeps getting these upstanding Canadians to love him.

Rask/Thorton: I heard they own a boat together.

Krejci/Pastrnak: I heard there was hero-worship, I love hero-worship.

If you really want to write a pair I didn't list that is totally ok too. I just want to you to make me love your team/ship :)
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