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My Dearest Author,

The General Section:

I like modern fantasy and near sci-fi. I like dystopias and post-apocalypse stories. For romance I like soulmates, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, and fake dating. I like plot over porn most of the time but if you decide to write pwp I'm going to need feelings exploding all over the place. In that vain I like first-time fic and that can mean anything from first kiss to first gangbang as long as it's someone's first time doing it. I also like the secretly a virgin trope while i'm on the subject. But enough telling you about my weird kinks, let's move on.

For this exchange I'm cool receiving romantic or gen fic and all the below pairings can be treated as either romantic, sexual, friendship, or otherwise platonic pairs. If you go the gen route I like my non-romantic relationship fic to be just as intense as romantic relationships, just because they don't want to date/bang doesn't mean they don't love each other, won't walk to the ends to the earth if they thought the other needed them to.

I don't mind unhappy endings or angst so go ahead and make me cry

I don’t have any super strong dislikes, but I’m not a big fan of bodily fluids going in mouths (I mean it’s cool if X swallows after a bj I don’t mind that but something like drinking cum out of a cup is pretty much an automatic gag reflex for me), on that subject i’m not a huge fan of pwp, but I do like porn as an exploration of character or relationships. In general i’d prefer you to avoid deathfic, non-con, infidelity, you know the usual stuff, but if you really feel that is the way your fic is going it will probably be ok.

I'm a little burnt out on coffee shops, retail, and college/high school aus right now so I'd prefer none of that. Other non-hockey aus are fine, with the one request that if your going to do a lightning normal people jobs au, you do a hospital AU with Dr. Stamkos and anesthesiologist Johnson (https://twitter.com/brittaml16/status/784089573982887936, http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/12641820/nhl-tyler-johnson-long-road-overnight-success)

I know I said no college, but college hockey is okay if it's not an au or only a partial au--basically i'm not interested in guys going to class or being in a frat or you know quintessential college stories but if you want to write something that includes Eichel's or Gaudreau's time playing NCAA hockey I would like that.

Mostly I just want you to have fun writing!

The specifics:
These are optional of course and I am mostly prompting towards the romantic relationship because it seems like most people like writing romance but like I said if you want to write gen for them I would love it.

Martin Jones/Tyler Toffoli
I just want someone to pull on Tyler's pretty curls. Okay, I want more than that, but he does have very pretty curls I wouldn't mind if they showed up in your story :). For this pair I would enjoy a story that deal with their (not so new anymore) rivalry and how that effects their relationship. It's up to you if you want to do established relationship, a getting together, or angsty break up fic. I like them all.

Nate Mackinnon/Jonathon Drouin
Well they've had quite different career paths, haven't they. I wonder how/if that's impacted their friendship? What did Nate think when Jo was suspended?

Johnny Gaudreau/Morgan Reilly
They were really cute at the world cup. If you wanted to write them as sexy roleplaying Eichel and Mcdavid after this video https://twitter.com/TeamNA_WCH/status/776562833630912512?s=09 that might be fun. If you want to just do a cute getting together story that would be fun too.

Steven Stamkos/Victor Hedman
They've got the whole highly tauted prospects coming up in the league together story and how their the only two people from that time left-including all the management. And the interviews they did about signing their matching extensions and wanting to play with each other for a long time. So for them I'd like a something about supporting each through the lean years and huge changes and the pressure of saving a franchise.

Tyler Johnson/Ondrej Palat
In contrast to the above, they have the no one believed in us but we proved them all wrong together story. But it's still a very similar sort of dynamic supporting each other through everything, and a relationship built on knowing you can trust someone to always believe in you even when it feels like no one else does.

anon comments are available here and on my tumblr (teshumai) so if you have questions about anything you can ask me without giving yourself away :)



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