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My Dearest Author,

The General Section:

I like modern fantasy and near sci-fi. I like dystopias and post-apocalypse stories. For romance I like soulmates, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, and fake dating. I like plot over porn most of the time but if you decide to write pwp I'm going to need feelings exploding all over the place. In that vain I like first-time fic and that can mean anything from first kiss to first gangbang as long as it's someone's first time doing it. I also like the secretly a virgin trope while i'm on the subject. But enough telling you about my weird kinks, let's move on.

For this exchange I'm cool receiving romantic or gen fic and all the below pairings can be treated as either romantic, sexual, friendship, or otherwise platonic pairs. If you go the gen route I like my non-romantic relationship fic to be just as intense as romantic relationships, just because they don't want to date/bang doesn't mean they don't love each other, won't walk to the ends to the earth if they thought the other needed them to.

I don't mind unhappy endings or angst so go ahead and make me cry

I don’t have any super strong dislikes, but I’m not a big fan of bodily fluids going in mouths (I mean it’s cool if X swallows after a bj I don’t mind that but something like drinking cum out of a cup is pretty much an automatic gag reflex for me), on that subject i’m not a huge fan of pwp, but I do like porn as an exploration of character or relationships. In general i’d prefer you to avoid deathfic, non-con, infidelity, you know the usual stuff, but if you really feel that is the way your fic is going it will probably be ok.

I'm a little burnt out on coffee shops, retail, and college/high school aus right now so I'd prefer none of that. Other non-hockey aus are fine.

Tuukka Rask/Shawn Thornton

So I kind of like that this pairs draw isn't really hockey based. They don't have the line chemistry, beautiful hockey together thing. They just like each other so stuff about what it is that drew them together would be nice to see.

some ideas
-dealing with long distance (dealing with Shawn telling Tuukka he'd retire and then signing for two more years with Florida)
-Getting together (I should probably have mentioned above I'm a sucker for getting together fic)

David Krejci/David Pastrnak

So i like stories about discovering your heroes are people too. Including dealing with that shift in how you see them and how changes your relationship.

Tuukka Rask/Anton Khudobin

Ok this one i have thought way less about, i just read that soulmark story, and was like yeah, I could be into this, so I figured i'd give it a try. Also there was this gif http://emcindylou.tumblr.com/post/81446565703/tuukka-rask-and-anton-khudobin-catching-up and like goalie dynamics of a starter/star goalie and a bounced around perpetual back up and career envy v. being happy for your lover's success.



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